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Hewlett Volkswagen Lease Program


Lease End Options: The Pre-Inspection Lease Appointment

Hewlett VW offers our guests who have leased a Volkswagen from Volkswagen Credit our exclusive Pre-Inspection Lease Appointment.

To schedule your Pre-Inspection Lease Appointment, contact us at: (512) 681-3500

During your scheduled appointment, you will discover:
  • The current leased vehicle value with a professional appraisal of your leased Volkswagen,
    (To provide the best appraisal possible, please bring all vehicle keys and owners manual with you.)

  • How to save on your $350 turn in fee

  • Your option to eliminate sales taxes for the actual value of your leased vehicle

  • How to save on excess wear and mileage that may be assessed on your leased return vehicle by Volkswagen Credit

  • When the best time is to have your vehicle inspected by Volkswagen's contractor

  • If it is more advantageous to buy your vehicle using our available VW financing (we can handle it all for you!), or if it is best to lease or purchase a new VW

  • Financing options can be presented to you if you submit a Hewlett VW credit application in advance of your appointment

Return your Volkswagen leased from VCI at Hewlett VW, even if you didn't lease it from us originally!

If your Volkswagen lease is expiring soon, make Hewlett Volkswagen your one stop destination by visiting our VW Lease Return Center. The Hewlett VW Lease Return Center will help you return your leased VW and complete all the necessary paperwork for you. Of course, you will also have the opportunity to select a new Volkswagen at this time or if you plan to wait on your next vehicle we will advise you on your upcoming lease inspection.

For those interested in getting out of your VW lease early, we may be able to buy the car from you outright and take care of all remaining payments, even if you didn't lease the vehicle from us. We are always in need of Volkswagen inventory so do not hesitate to contact us at any point in your lease term.

To schedule your Pre-Inspection Lease Appointment, contact us at: (512) 681-3500